It was impractical…perhaps even outright delusional…to think I could find the will and/or the words to write a cheery (or depressing) post every day during this strange time. I realized last night while struggling over the most trite of sentences that I was nearly out of words, and what few were left I needed for the book. So I’m reverting to once a week, a post full of poetic, insightful, wise, and… Read More

At the end of each year, the blog posts thereof become a book. I suppose it is a way of being a ‘published author’ (in case I never finish the-book-I-am-presently-writing). Blogging has also become one of my many forms of journaling and the resulting books are mainly old fashioned paper products for my grandchildren to peruse in years ahead—exclaiming over the fact I was not always the crone in a corner at… Read More