I wish I could/would have begun these big fat six-week trips earlier in life. Sometimes focusing on a world ‘neighborhood’ of multiple countries, sometimes one country in greater depth…like I’m doing these last years. Not that I regret the many dance festival jaunts or art/dance focused meetings, conferences, gatherings, viewings in so many intriguing locations all around the world. Grants often covered much of the cost, I was usually surrounded by lively… Read More

You can run but you can’t hide—that is true. I’ve been mentally running since I closed out the year of 2016 with the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017. I’ve been running, through reading and movies and ridding myself of cable television, from the reality of the embarrassing and probably dangerous guy in the White House. Now it’s almost April and I’ve switched my head back to travel mode. Which means: The… Read More

SUMMER 2013 STARTED WITH THE 6,462 ROAD TRIP IN MAY AND JUNE. AUTUMN 2013 WAS OCCUPIED WITH GLOBAL DANCEFEST’S GRAND FINALE AND A TRIP TO CALIFORNIA. HERE’S THE BETWEEN.  * * * * BACK IN THE MINNESOTA SUMMER, WE VISITED THE WALLEYE ARTIST! Dan and Nancy Root are among Robert and Marsha’s (bro/sister-in-law) best friends. Now after all these years of knowing them and admiring their creativity and lifestyle I hope they won’t… Read More