The Friendlier Skies of American…ALBUQUERQUE to COPENHAGEN



Now the AirBnB with a Big Foot upstairs…yeah, it’s me again with an ‘upstairs neighbor’ but I’m jumping ahead when I really only want to acknowledge a minor miracle before this travel tale moves on…American Airlines and a pleasant flight over, Albuquerque to Dallas to London to Copenhagen, hear that… pleasant flights…starting with going through airport security early, no lines, the wine and lunch with our travel-obsessed server (she claims to have been to Tibet multiple times?) into the big Boeing in Dallas with empty seats, Teresa a row to herself, me two seats, hasn’t happened in years, calm and quiet attendants, just barely solicitous enough, but not rude (are you listening Delta and United?), no steady stream of hospital-keep-‘em-awake-and-wishing-they-were-home-and-out-of-this-expensive-bed kind of announcements, the Meal Is Served-big moment of flight-and the pasta is…delicious, creamy and nicely seasoned and…well, at least very close to delicious, and the cracker and cheese-alternatively crispy and creamy, the caramel brownie just right, surely I’m making this up, last tasty airline meal I had may have been on Air France (remember when they had actual baguettes and real butter and decent wine?) 10 or was that 20 plus years ago…Honestly-Delicious.…slept a little in spite of side pulled muscle, into Heathrow, nice hummus snack and noontime wine at Giraffe, struggle through security again where even your chapstick goes in a clear plastic bag but your shoes stay on, on the British Airlines tacky-operated-by flight to Copenhagen, tired and slightly confused about getting into our airhome but finally here, grocery store, that most wonderful Scandinavian bread and smør, showers, made it.


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