The ‘tomorrow’ in this post is today. Lovely day. Need nap. Off on the Finnmarken tonight. Back in a couple of days. Cheers. Here’s an occasional travel dilemma. Tomorrow’s a ‘free’ day. In a sense, all travel days are free…as in no work to go to, no apartment to clean, no chores to do. Nevertheless they each have their assigned tasks whether that involves lugging suitcases to a conveyance of some sort… Read More

Svalbard is now part of my history. Tromso is the present and a float down the coast on a Hurtigruten ferry in the near future. It’s my twelfth day of travel and so far I feel quite fit and eager. The great burst of well-being from a short round of prednisone is wearing off but it was greatly appreciated for climbing off and on the good ship Linden and jumping in and… Read More