“There’s no place like home,” said Dorothy as she clicked those fancy red heels together and headed for Kansas. On every trip, it seems I must remind myself that having these moments doesn’t mean I no longer want to travel…it simply means that ‘home’ is where things are arranged to suit my idiosyncrasies and in these random apartments and hotel rooms it’s all slightly off kilterā ! About these little ‘homes’ on the… Read More

The ‘tomorrow’ in this post is today. Lovely day. Need nap. Off on the Finnmarken tonight. Back in a couple of days. Cheers. Here’s an occasional travel dilemma. Tomorrow’s a ‘free’ day. In a sense, all travel days are free…as in no work to go to, no apartment to clean, no chores to do. Nevertheless they each have their assigned tasks whether that involves lugging suitcases to a conveyance of some sort… Read More