The ‘tomorrow’ in this post is today. Lovely day. Need nap. Off on the Finnmarken tonight. Back in a couple of days. Cheers.

Here’s an occasional travel dilemma. Tomorrow’s a ‘free’ day. In a sense, all travel days are free…as in no work to go to, no apartment to clean, no chores to do. Nevertheless they each have their assigned tasks whether that involves lugging suitcases to a conveyance of some sort or walrus-watching. Sometimes I have a specific writing project, sometimes museums to explore. Tomorrow…nothing. In the late evening I go to the Hurtigruten ship, MS Finnmarken, at 10pm for a two-night, one-day journey down the coast to Trondheim. I’m excited about this because I love being on ships but also because I did much of this same trip down the coast in 1985; it’s a repeat performance, only this time I’m in a cabin rather than overnighting on an enclosed deck. It is quite an expensive proposition but I’ve surely paid my working-dues over the past thirty-three years and earned a bed and a window.

About that ‘free’ day. I have writing decisions to make when I get home. Perhaps I should drink lots of coffee, pace, and contemplate my choices.

Meanwhile here’s the rest of the Tromso album. A walk downtown past a playground of wood…who knew the whole world wasn’t made out of plastic and metal! Great tomato and red pepper soup, crusty bread and that deep gold salty Norwegian butter at the Art Cafe. Then the Trondheim Art Museum and a new favorite artist, a Sami embroidery artist. Really, such delicate and at the same time strong, work.


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  1. Marge, you are just an amazing woman. So glad I have the privilege of calling you my friend.

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