Seems like only yesterday…Actually it was the day before the day before…Farewell Basecamp Svalboard.

Svalbard is now part of my history. Tromso is the present and a float down the coast on a Hurtigruten ferry in the near future. It’s my twelfth day of travel and so far I feel quite fit and eager. The great burst of well-being from a short round of prednisone is wearing off but it was greatly appreciated for climbing off and on the good ship Linden and jumping in and out of the dog wagon to help hold the brakes. What useful new skills I’ve picked up on this trip.

I arrived here in green and rainy Tromso Sunday afternoon. My presence has been concealed from the weather gods so the sun is still staying away. My first abnb of the trip is proving both comfortable and convenient. It’s simple but warm and equipped with everything I need. The hostess washed my adventuring clothes for me and they hung overnight to dry—lots of environmental consciousness up here and it’s good to see, melting glaciers are very nearby which must serve as an early warning system for Arctic peoples.

I trekked down the hill to the grocery store so I have the basics of coffee, milk, bananas, yogurt, crackers and cream cheese. Must eat some vegetables soon! On yesterday’s outing I stopped for lunch at an old fashioned waterfront restaurant—full of older, apparently retired Norwegians grousing over morning coffee—reminded me of Bemidji. My food-luck ran out though. The fish burger seemed safe, I imagined it a bit like a McD’s fish sandwich! Wrong, it was made of actual fish but truthfully…awful. Kind of gelatinous, although the coleslaw on it was just right, sweetish and creamy. I’ve come to accept my bad eating habits without too many recriminations, so as long as I only hate something I’ve ordered every few days, all is forgiven—of me, by me. All that on Monday.

Sleeping hasn’t generally been a problem although not having the whir of a fan does bother me. I’ve tried the rain/frog/wind/blizzard ap and it helps I think. Of course, what really helps is being on board a ship.

Now it’s Tuesday evening. A lovely day…continuing rainy. Ha! Maybe I’ve finally shed my sun goddess persona. I walked and went to a museum and walked more and ate lunch and walked more and went to a second museum. You see on trips there are travel days and adventure days and housekeeping days and walking-about days; this was the latter. Here it is: gold buildings, bright flowers, and a bird or two.

I see there must be a second post for Tromso. Lunch, the museums and more town views. All worthy of your viewing pleasure.


    • Tromso is a perfect size to wander in…easy to find places but big enough to have some nice little surprises. Found the Art Cafe by accident, all warm and cozy with outstanding soup and a lovely rainy-day wine. Hope you get here, you’ll like it.

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