Isn’t family what it’s all about after all? But now for the ROAD TRIP. Life in Minnesota moves along just as it should. Sleeping again, visiting cousins, stocking up on moose and walleye sweatshirts and enough new shoes for all the abs classes and walking marathons of next year. And a road trip. Granted it was not of the fifteen-hundred-miles-plus kind I enjoyed so much in the past—still it did stir some… Read More

Svalbard is now part of my history. Tromso is the present and a float down the coast on a Hurtigruten ferry in the near future. It’s my twelfth day of travel and so far I feel quite fit and eager. The great burst of well-being from a short round of prednisone is wearing off but it was greatly appreciated for climbing off and on the good ship Linden and jumping in and… Read More