I arrived home one week ago and the Big Adventure is rapidly fading into history. It would not be fair however to leave my last stop, Seoul, out of the photo lineup—since it is truly an inviting city. Seoul was unfortunately a 24-hour stopover and I probably wouldn’t have made good use of any more days even if I had stayed longer—it was time to come home. However if/when I’m out Asia way… Read More

This post was begun on September 10th, already five days in the past. (If only my body would acknowledge that I’ve moved on to a different time zone I would be a very very happy person.)  The ferry ride, 26 hours across the Yellow Sea, was a perfect microcosm of most travel experiences. A mix of dismay, disappointment, discovery, and delight as it’s happening; hindsight that identifies it as one of the… Read More

Seoul, South Korea  where I am drinking a very nice white wine and lovingly stroking the Google letters on my keyboard and looking forward to a night with Surfy in my spiffy upscale boutique hotel room with  everything working and smelling really good and all this shit in life I suppose we really don’t need but we love. I am at the Hotel ShinShin in Seoul and everything has been amazing here… Read More

I will return with travel photo blogs from Seoul since Google-censorship is only partially get-aroundable in Beijing. And yes, censorship does suck. I cannot declare the journey quite over because it is afternoon in my hutong hotel in Beijing, China—which is still a long way from Albuquerque, USA. However…wherever that pesky travel bug resides in my body, it has definitely been anesthetized for the time being…whatever it needed me to use to… Read More