Adventure Over…It’s SEOUL and I am Sad. And Happy.

Seoul, South Korea  where I am drinking a very nice white wine and lovingly stroking the Google letters on my keyboard and looking forward to a night with Surfy in my spiffy upscale boutique hotel room with  everything working and smelling really good and all this shit in life I suppose we really don’t need but we love. I am at the Hotel ShinShin in Seoul and everything has been amazing here since the moment I touched ‘free’ soil. It’s a long way into the city from the ferry but the cab driver asked until he figured out where it was, the vehicle was nice, we couldn’t talk but he pointed out what I should take photos of and gave me candy and the radio played The Eagles and Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. I HAVE LOVED MY JOURNEY AND I SO WANT TO COME HOME.

I think I have my theme for the big important piece about this big important trip and it may have something to do with “Hotel California” and “Imagine” and “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” But I’m not quite sure yet. It is about cultures fading into the next culture and beliefs and dictums rubbing thin at the edges and actually seeing it all unfolding.

I really am an American. For the first time ever I’m returning from a long journey somewhere and just wanting to be an American. No excuses for the bullshit stuff we inflict upon ourselves and the world, but you know…there’s the good stuff. We are so fucking multi-colored/cultured/ethniced/religioned/styled. I do love it. After hours, days, weeks of enjoying my ‘tribe’ in Norway—of which I am very proud and to whom I feel ever so connected—I’ve decided my claim to Norwegianness which I refuse to drop—is absolutely based on reality, my dad always introduced himself as a Norski, what more do I need—doesn’t eliminate/alleviate/change the fact I’m an American. Wow, I hardly ever say that.

Maybe it’s the wine. Maybe I love just being out in the world and then having “home.”

At this moment home is right here at DINEHALL connected to the Hotel ShinShin in Seoul, South Korea. So last night on the road can I get just a bit drunk and extremely sentimental and happy? It’s so very safe here, I know the rules, I have the credit card, I’m an old white lady who’s traveled a long way and thought about it and I’m proud of that.


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  1. sounds like a celebration to me. Celebrating the great train adventure….celebrating being you and having a shower and some nice wine..why is it wine goes so well with a celebration?

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