8/29/Wednesday morning. On the road (sea actually) again. I set the alarm for 5am so I would have more than enough time to putter, shower, last bit of packing (hard work with all of those #$@%^&*#$ souvenirs to squash/push/crush down. I was tired…stayed up a little late watching “Retribution” on Netflix. Then some more chapters of the Dylan bio—with which I’m quite bored, almost two-thirds of the way through the book and… Read More

This post was begun on September 10th, already five days in the past. (If only my body would acknowledge that I’ve moved on to a different time zone I would be a very very happy person.)  The ferry ride, 26 hours across the Yellow Sea, was a perfect microcosm of most travel experiences. A mix of dismay, disappointment, discovery, and delight as it’s happening; hindsight that identifies it as one of the… Read More

Contrary to popular perception—at least my previous perception—Beijing is not a smog-choked city of soul-less gray buildings. I’m sure there are days and streets that would fit that description but today is certainly was not one of them. As on this whole trip the weather continues to be the sunny perfection of late summer/early fall in temperate climates. The occasional chill and rain has intruded but ever so seldom. In fact the… Read More