That itchy foot syndrome has spread throughout my body and, I’m afraid, my brain as well. Time to get on the road again. Claiming Viking blood allows me to explain itchy (summer) feet. I know I’ve related the syndrome to Athlete’s Foot before but here’s a better simile. There’s a phrase, go a-Viking, meaning to go out raiding. Its origins are Norse and it was primarily used to describe the pastime of… Read More

So soon. The routine. Did that other thing really happen? Did I really do that? Go around the world. Was it a long time ago? No? A few days ago you say…I’m already forgetting. I did. Go around the world. It was—in today’s vernacular—awesome. Actually it was just plain awesome. But when I started to catch up on diary entries for those days and weeks away they had already slipped into past tense,… Read More

I arrived home one week ago and the Big Adventure is rapidly fading into history. It would not be fair however to leave my last stop, Seoul, out of the photo lineup—since it is truly an inviting city. Seoul was unfortunately a 24-hour stopover and I probably wouldn’t have made good use of any more days even if I had stayed longer—it was time to come home. However if/when I’m out Asia way… Read More

It is 10:30PM. Here in Albuquerque. Where I’ve been living for the last six weeks it is between 8:30 and 11:30AM. Travel, wonderful as it is and grateful as I am for the opportunity, has left me feeling a day late and a dollar short as the expression goes. Must sleep, can’t sleep. First issue. The doctor and tax bills that arrived in my absence were expected but still feel very unwelcome…. Read More