Twenty or thirty years from now, when I’m napping in the nursing home or puttering in the poorhouse (depending on where the Republicans have taken us by then), I want my family and friends to remember that I once did something besides sit in front of the TV shouting obscenities at piggy politicians of the fascist persuasion and drooling into my cream of wheat. I want to prove I once rode elephants… Read More

November 9, 2017: Sakura Inn, Bagan, Myanmar  So it’s been a year and a day since we did the dirty deed, electing a narcissistic fool as president of the United States. I am happily tucked into what is, for me on the road, a luxury hotel room in Bagan, Myanmar. I mention this because it will eventually become part of today’s travel story, but also because there’s a giant flat screen TV… Read More

I’ll return to Vietnam in a post or two but sometimes the real journey gets ahead of the blog… I am in Luang Prabang, Laos. An idyllic mountain hideaway. Like most idyllic places, more so if one is visiting as opposed to working and living—according to my friends at Wikipedia, the Laotian economy is surging but it still remains at the poorer end of the Asian boom. It is so very low-key… Read More