It is September 11th…I had forgotten the significance to the U.S. until waking up after a nap in my sweet little hotel in Seoul, South Korea to CNN coverage. I suppose we could remember all of the time in the form of ISIS/ISIL which was born out of our response to 9/11—the breaking of Iraq. But for now let me go back to Mongolia and the horses. WHEN I WAS A KID…PLACES THAT WEREN’T… Read More

This was written September 1st, now it is the 5th, 1:10pm and I am on the train to Beijing. Meanwhile I want to finish all notes, thoughts about Mongolia and have them ready to post from my Chinese hotel…all out of my system for better—and worse.  ANYWAY HERE’S TO FIRST IMPRESSIONS.   MONGOLIA IS MONGOLIA The evil genii of bad trips can appear at any time. You must be quick to banish him… Read More