I have been cautious, anxious, sometimes worried. I’ve had moments of fear when I feel unwell. But the virus hasn’t really terrified me personally. NOW. I. AM. SCARED. I am afraid it will get me the week or the day or the hour before my vaccine is available. Silly. I’m doing everything I should…just keep on being careful…it will be fine…I say. I am trying to analyze this burst of anxiety and… Read More

And it was not the finest of days…starting with a stomach ache (OMG, didn’t I read somewhere that one of the symptoms…); middle-of-the-night reading a history of pandemics; listless…but I wrote (badly); cranky but no one to snap at or complain to…  Okay, all that’s out of my system. Here’s the good stuff, three minute plank, almost-four mile walk, google hangout with Steve and Ashley, the amazing California grandchildren (Steven has a… Read More

Yet one more comment on the election…as though we need more. I felt compelled…what a fearful time. Maybe the news will be good. Please let the news be good. Please… “Be afraid, be very afraid,” said a character in the horror film, “The Fly.” Which is how I am feeling these pre-election days, and pretty much how I’ve been feeling since the night of November 8, 2016. It’s not just about the… Read More