Right Now, Christmas 2015, FLORIDA is the Good Life


Merry and bright takes a bit of extra effort with a Very Bad Cold but it’s somewhat possible…especially if the weather is my favorite kind of clouds and rain and fog and warmth…week-long Christmas heat wave.

Time with Robert and Marsha has become treasured over the years…who knew when we were younger and spent much of our time together arguing this would turn out to be true.

Okay…holidays are over. New Year’s doesn’t count; it is after all my most important work time—when the rest of my life is planned for at least the next year. It’s when I break out the new notebooks, get serious about catching up or starting off properly new journals, diaries, calendars, it’s when I reinvent myself…Every Damn Year.

Now, Panama City Beaches ‘international’ airport. Checked in heavy bags early, especially heavy because I’m bringing back most of the Scandinavian murder mysteries R & M have borrowed over the past few years. Why? Why can’t I give books I like away? Why am I a book hoarder? Doesn’t matter, the bags are heavy, I’m still sickish and the flight out of Houston to Albuquerque has a chance of being cancelled due to incoming ‘monster’ storm—like that’s going to happen—but a gray snowy Sunday would be an extra Christmas present.

This is my last chatty post for awhile. Going to try the well-written well-edited blog post—just to see if I can.

Here are a few glimpses of the very nice Christmas week just past.  A more profound something about Christmases way past and present in Florida will follow tomorrow. Or Not.



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