Isn’t family what it’s all about after all? But now for the ROAD TRIP. Life in Minnesota moves along just as it should. Sleeping again, visiting cousins, stocking up on moose and walleye sweatshirts and enough new shoes for all the abs classes and walking marathons of next year. And a road trip. Granted it was not of the fifteen-hundred-miles-plus kind I enjoyed so much in the past—still it did stir some… Read More

It’s true there is an earlier post with photos of this same route on this same day. It would make sense to delete this one I suppose but I few photos may be different and it is extraordinarily beautiful. So I guess it’s a keeper-post. Hope you’ll enjoy it a second time. Surely there’s no greater possibilities for a scenic road trip than in Norway…so Teresa and I took one…and I so… Read More

Travel is like this. Wake up weary. Still a day to go before the last push to Country #100. Then Home. Weary. But this is today. A little homemade (Nescafe and the hot water tap) coffee and the slow walk to breakfast. Not so much enthusiasm for this day. Is it gray because of being overcast generally or what percentage is smog? I’ll think most is overcast from real clouds and that… Read More