THE STICKER ON THE SIDE OF THE CHEST WAS PUT THERE DURING IRAQ WAR DAYS WHEN I LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO. It was 60° in Narsarsuaq, Greenland today, our home away from home for almost a week starting July 7th. And it was sunny. Which is not what I want to hear—I am longing for a modest amount of weather drama. But I cannot hope for clouds because they would surely block… Read More

How could nice regular guys from Denmark and Togo relate their tales of Arctic adventure without a hint, at the very least, of braggadocio coloring the pictures? They couldn’t. So throw in quite a bit of booze, even more sex, lots of skinning and dismembering and eating of dried seal intestines and frozen blubber. And then there are grueling dog sled journeys; the constant danger of death, dismemberment, and being frozen solid…. Read More