THE STICKER ON THE SIDE OF THE CHEST WAS PUT THERE DURING IRAQ WAR DAYS WHEN I LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO. It was 60° in Narsarsuaq, Greenland today, our home away from home for almost a week starting July 7th. And it was sunny. Which is not what I want to hear—I am longing for a modest amount of weather drama. But I cannot hope for clouds because they would surely block… Read More

The Itinerary. The Arrangements. The Payments. The Luggage. The Endoscopy.   True, the latter was not part of the initial pretty picture of the Big15Trip, but dudu occurs, yes? The endoscopy was simply to rule out any serious reasons for my stomach’s frequent ‘acting-up.’ And it did…rule out the bad stuff. Now a consistent regimen of prilosec for awhile will enable me to eat Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian and Belarusian prior to getting… Read More