STILL LIFE from the Arctic Sea. Arctic Char for dinner; Arctic Skate who will be sent back to sea; and, sadly, a broken-necked bird.

Just a few more photos before reluctantly departing Svalbard…with thoughts of a December/January return, an overnight dog sled trip, a visit to the Russian town for borscht, and northern lights. Dreaming…

We took a jaunt out to Basecamp’s cabin, climbed a little mountain…and Mette said I was very agile…(see Scott, I’m just like an ageing mountain goat) The two humans and three dogs that stay at the cabin came back to the Linden with us for dinner.


Unfortunately all good things must come to an end…it was time to back for the trip back to the mainland of Norway. Bye friends and animals and cabin and ship and Longyearbyen and Svalbard. I think I must come back.

One Comment on “ONE LAST GLIMPSE

  1. Somehow you look at “home” all bundled up. Even the fish look cold. Cold is not my forte.

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