The next four posts will be coming to you from a hotel in Ulan Bator; they will be posted in order but wind up on face book in a block. IF YOU are going to take the Siberian train from Moscow to Ulan Bator in the near future I suggest you read them—in order. Of course what you’ll be reading are my barely edited notes but they will offer you a front… Read More

This will be a very short post. Another great day with a guide who has become a real friend in a great city…yes, I like Moscow very much, seems rather American-like actually but with prettier churches, more borscht and way more drama in its past than any U.S. city can claim. A day with a lot of great art as well…at the big museum of 20th Century Russian/Soviet art. Weather has turned cloudy… Read More

COMING IN TO MOSCOW THIS AM. It is almost time isn’t it? For years I’ve dreamed of taking the Trans-Siberian train. Years. Tomorrow night I climb aboard. Will I ever repeat that saying ‘be careful what you ask for…’ in regard to Siberia. Before I overdramatize this whole thing it’s important to remind myself it is only five day for heaven’s sake—and there’s a long break after four of those days. How… Read More

Lobby coffee/bar at Hotel Budapest in Moscow. 9:30am. So what do I want, conference hotel with super service or funky gray-toned with surly service? I can do this I can I can…. Had a compartment mate again last night. Pretty young blonde woman with very curly hair who talked long into the night to her boyfriend but Russian is a nice background sound, soft and even melodic, odd isn’t? Bigger train car,… Read More