Packed. Art-filled. Leaving MOSCOW


This will be a very short post. Another great day with a guide who has become a real friend in a great city…yes, I like Moscow very much, seems rather American-like actually but with prettier churches, more borscht and way more drama in its past than any U.S. city can claim. A day with a lot of great art as well…at the big museum of 20th Century Russian/Soviet art. Weather has turned cloudy with a couple degrees drop in temperature so it’s time to move on.

I cannot begin to say how excited I am. Honestly I feel like skipping about the room singing “I’m going to Siberia, to Siberia, to Siberia…” In all fairness to history not a whole lot of Russian people have had reasons to sing about going to Siberia but I am so very fortunate to be me right now so can I just say ‘sorry’ to all of their ghosts trudging eastward into oblivion and treasure this moment in life.

I am going to post an eclectic and brilliantly ‘Russian’ array of photos from my visit to the contemporary art museum today and THEN GO TO THE TRAIN STATION. See you in four or five days. One of the best and most interesting museums I’ve been to in a long time.


My Russian guide Nikolay was a fantastic companion on this artistic trip through Russian history.

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  1. So excited for you….looking forward to your next post in 4 or 5 days. I know you are happy, however, do not skip and sing at the Train Station. They just might give you an extended stay in Siberia…and winter is coming.

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