DON’T FORGET…ONE AND TWO BEFORE THREE. SIBERIAN TRAIN. DAY THREE: AUGUST 30, 2015/FIRST DAY OF WEEK FIVE 3:50am. This is strange magic here my friends. 3:50am. Did I mention that? And it is bright daylight. My watch is still set on the same time as the clock in the train. So obviously we are all forever on Moscow time. And we’ve traveled over 50 hours east so that’s not right is it?… Read More

The next four posts will be coming to you from a hotel in Ulan Bator; they will be posted in order but wind up on face book in a block. IF YOU are going to take the Siberian train from Moscow to Ulan Bator in the near future I suggest you read them—in order. Of course what you’ll be reading are my barely edited notes but they will offer you a front… Read More