Pretty ALBUQUERQUE Bosque Pictures


Too Early For Photos.

Hellofaweek…who knew this was a popular “tag” and not a word I invented. Google it—very popular. There is nothing new I can invent? Is there? Or you can invent? Or Bill Gates or Barack Obama can invent? I am home with a wine/sparkling water drink—yes depressed—yes, bad newsletter/computer/accomplishing any-effing-thing day. Newsletter…hours and days and weeks of work cannot translate from publisher’s to pdf. Sorry I brought that up.

Another shootout, this time a military base.  God bless america. Hearts are broken. Yeah, right. If hearts were broken guns would be less available. Hear the clink of coin…not heart…coin.

Never mind. Time and Place is about Travel. Age. Mostly. How about walks in the morning and computer f-ups and my f-ups?

Here are some pics. What a lovely morning it was. No thoughts of time or place. I think two or three posts are necessary. SOON—actual travel stuff.

Very early. Before 6am. Is the white bird a duck or a goose? I googled that question and without serious reading or looking I still don’t know. So here’s my morning buddy.


3 Comments on “Pretty ALBUQUERQUE Bosque Pictures

  1. I like the photos…the dark colored one is a Canada Goose…usually called just a Canada…the white I am not sure. I thought it would be easy, then I realized I had Bird ID books, for the Eastern United States. Oh my, for all I know it could be an illegal. That is said to bring a bit of a smile to your face, sounds like you need a laugh, not just a smile. it will all be ok and the universe will continue on.

    • We had a mean white goose named Nippy (for good reason) when I was growing up. So based on that I thought goose too. But it seems there are big white ducks so how to be sure! How do you tell?

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