Minsk is an impressive city, architecturally both quite beautiful and more than a little ostentatious, which is not at all what I expected. Being interested in ‘the neighborhood’ of Eastern Europe and, yes, acquiring another passport stamp were the real reasons for adding Belarus to the itinerary. I would enjoy its capitol, Minsk, as any traditionally picturesque European city. Or not, after I read the Wiki-travel piece attributing much of the city’s… Read More

I’ve given up trying to write like Ron Silliman until Delta-2 on the trip home. However being transported seems to bring out the babble in me. Wrote this on the train last night so, just to share the sheer pleasure of the first hours of my first first-class experience, I’m going to post it. I’ve spent most of today out and about in Minsk—which it turns out is a most impressive and… Read More

Getting late. I am changing personas from ‘early to bed, early to rise’ to the ‘diller a dollar, a ten o’clock scholar.’ Just realized my total store of poetry seems to be nursery rhymes and Ron Silliman. A little horizon broadening may be in order—but can’t do that right now when I’m having a melt-down about all this coming time with…me. Tomorrow to Minsk. Whose idea was that anyway? I know even… Read More