I’ve given up trying to write like Ron Silliman until Delta-2 on the trip home. However being transported seems to bring out the babble in me. Wrote this on the train last night so, just to share the sheer pleasure of the first hours of my first first-class experience, I’m going to post it. I’ve spent most of today out and about in Minsk—which it turns out is a most impressive and… Read More

There are two kinds of visas, yes? Both essential to travelers. First there’s the kind that comes in the form of a card enabling you to travel without money—a travel accoutrement of great value—and more than a little stress when you return!  Then there’s the other kind of visa which is simply a stamp in your passport saying that the government of said country has authorized you to cross their borders and… Read More

POSSIBLY MY BEST TRAVEL MEAL EVER. A SIDEWALK CAFE IN ODESSA, UKRAINE. I HOPE TO DUPLICATE IT ALL ACROSS RUSSIA. My new best friends are the extremely friendly and very competent staffs at Real Russia and Mongolian Secret History. First a bit about Real Russia. Since travel to Russia had become the centerpiece of this trip, I really wanted to work with Russian travel services to get everything booked. I must admit… Read More