November 9, 2017: Sakura Inn, Bagan, Myanmar  So it’s been a year and a day since we did the dirty deed, electing a narcissistic fool as president of the United States. I am happily tucked into what is, for me on the road, a luxury hotel room in Bagan, Myanmar. I mention this because it will eventually become part of today’s travel story, but also because there’s a giant flat screen TV… Read More

What is it about being out in the bush? In Africa. In a clunky four-wheel drive 4-by-4 truck converted to viewing vehicle. The tiniest bit of danger from a charging elephant or really hungry lion—but so slight as to be fun without being life-threatening. The hippo tipping the boat fear seems a little more real to me—just because I can’t really swim and would drown even before he could chomp or stomp… Read More