The Grand Finale of Day Two Timber (our smart and thoughtful guide on the Moreni Game Reserve) searched for, observed and made some directional changes during the day in hopes of finding LIONS before we left. Success! The second day in the Okavango Delta draws to a close with the King and the road home.   Way home to Old Bridge from Game Reserve. In Botswana, animals always have the right-of-way. END… Read More

Taken before the lion ate Teresa. Forgive me. This obsession with my animal photos. Would be different if I were a serious photographer with a serious camera. Son Steven brought along a top of the line point & shoot and his photos are studio-quality probably. But he’s back in Albuquerque, I’m here at the Renuka City Hotel in Colombo… so you just get MY PHOTOS. On with Day Two. And the glamour… Read More

What is it about being out in the bush? In Africa. In a clunky four-wheel drive 4-by-4 truck converted to viewing vehicle. The tiniest bit of danger from a charging elephant or really hungry lion—but so slight as to be fun without being life-threatening. The hippo tipping the boat fear seems a little more real to me—just because I can’t really swim and would drown even before he could chomp or stomp… Read More

In the Bush: Up at 5am, off at 5:45 for 14-hours in the Moremi Game Reserve with plenty of Okavanga animal life and many miles of very rough roads. And what a day. Dry dry bush: wide open spaces, clumps of trees—mostly acacias (the toothpick trees of an earlier Botswana visit) but other taller and shorter species as well and then small crackly goldy-tan dry trees/bushes/shrubs. The brown and dusty look of the place… Read More