DELTA DAWN-SAFARI-DAY TWO (continued)-more animals

What is it about being out in the bush? In Africa. In a clunky four-wheel drive 4-by-4 truck converted to viewing vehicle. The tiniest bit of danger from a charging elephant or really hungry lion—but so slight as to be fun without being life-threatening. The hippo tipping the boat fear seems a little more real to me—just because I can’t really swim and would drown even before he could chomp or stomp me into oblivion.

 Always we’ve seen these amazing creatures in cages and pens. But here they are. Born free. Still free. Big. Magnificent. Comfortable in their skins here at home; humans just blips on the day’s animal radar.

 Driving around. Lunch. Lovely camaraderie with our guides and a couple from Germany.

I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent. (Dr. Seuss) 







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    • This is all very fascinating Marge and family. You must be thrilled from experiencing these African animals in their natural setting and I fortunately enjoy seeing them on your natural blog.

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