So I tried to write a long stream-of-consciousness poem-like thing. I did not work. I am not Ron Silliman or probably James Joyce either. Although I feel sure if I rewrote DELTA a few more tens of times it could get close. It seems like sacrificing a week of my vaca to do that would not be wise use of my time. However I’ve decided to post it anyway because it does pretty… Read More

Renuka City Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka, October 13th, Monday,  12:45AM:  Showered, teeth brushed, pajamas packed. So very tired. Not tired. WEARY. As I prepare for what I consider another grueling passage to the next place, I think of all the people of the world sailing, trekking, riding horses and camels or hot packed trains or creaky buses great distances, sometimes with their babies and belonging in tow. Then I feel silly talking this… Read More

OUR FUTURE LOOKS LIKE THIS…. Here it is—the itinerary for Steven, the graduate grandson, and me. I think I already posted this but it’s so much fun to write it all I’m going to do it again, naming the airlines this time. LA to Dubai on Emirates; Dubai to Addis Ababa on Emirates; Addis Ababa to Kigali on Ethiopian Airlines; Kigali to Johannesburg on South African Airways; Johannesburg to Maun on Air… Read More