My first Bosque coyote. My life as a serious wild life photographer has begun. Walking briskly along, camera in pocket. Only good health and exercise in mind. And along comes a big fat beautiful coyote. He was bouncing along, paused to eye me, decided I wasn’t nearly young and juicy enough for breakfast, bounced further along, stopped again. By this time my camera was out but it was way too late for… Read More

Granddaughters are the Best. (Well, Grandsons too but I only have one and he’s in California.) Eleven days between today and The Trip. Between Last Sunday and That Sunday (August 2nd) there were 10 morning walks and six trips to the gym to get in my version of ‘shape.’  Today there are only 13 of the 16 required activity events to go.  Here’s Monday morning’s 5:30am walk with PATRICA, the granddaughter who accompanies me… Read More

Two weeks to get in shape for The Journey. I may have set six month, three month, one month deadlines for launching a plan to become super-healthy before I travel. Okay, so they didn’t work out. Think what I can do in two weeks however. Fourteen days. Six visits to gym for abs class and at least half an hour on the machines. Ten morning walks, one to 1 ½ hours each…. Read More

Night rains makes every sight more vivid, sound carry farther and even the bosque rabbit comes out.

I always think part of my reason for needing to GO PLACES is my (humankind’s) existential search for water/moisture/rain/lakes/oceans/streams. This summer it seems to be raining in Albuquerque so why leave? But there are these big plans and train tickets and plane tickets and that amazing new backpack so guess I’ll go anyway. Meanwhile I’m very busy with the North Fourth ‘newsletter of a thousand pictures’ so there is no time to write profound things…. Read More