And for the Last Act…LONDON

City life after all the space and peace and green and blue of the Northlands. I already miss it. But we love this too.

It has been a long travel day from dropping off the rental car at the Stavanger Airport and on to Heathrow then into the City on the Underground and a short walk to our tiny but delightful-in-its-own-slightly-scruffy-way studio room/apartment. Teresa just went out for a run which the guys at the desk have assured us is fine in this heart-of-London neighborhood.

I haven’t been here for years, however I used to love it and I’m pretty sure I still do. It’s warm and cloudy and green and it feels like we’re in an actual neighborhood with a bit of a pub culture and ‘character.’ Never sure what character means except that it is a good thing.

We’ve put away our stuff, checked out the workings of a wall cabinet that includes a sink, microwave, cupboard and frig. Can’t quite figure the TV out but hey…baby steps. We went around the corner to a cozy pub right after arriving for bangers and mash and warm beer and a big custard pudding thing. It was lovely, not a leaf of kale or sprig of herbal anything in sight. I do think we may opt for Indian with lots of veggies tomorrow.

When Teresa returns, we’ll map out our city week, emphasis on culture and history, with wine and scones and just the tiniest bit of shopping thrown in…perhaps at one or more bookstores. Or Fortnam and Mason’s. Or Harrod’s. Or the corner T-shirt stand.

Cheerio…Just booked tickets for “The Book of Mormon” in the West End.



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  1. Lovely and green and civilized and history and great architecture. What fun you are having.

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