Feeling sentimental this evening. Two afternoons spent with my high school classmates from the Class of 57. There are ten of us left from the original 21; eight of whom were present off and on at Judy and Ray Grundmeier’s woodsy haven just south of Northome. The weather’s was northern-fall perfection, the “hot dishes” and venison and rolls and salads and pies were delicious, and the talk was low key and affectionate… Read More

That itchy foot syndrome has spread throughout my body and, I’m afraid, my brain as well. Time to get on the road again. Claiming Viking blood allows me to explain itchy (summer) feet. I know I’ve related the syndrome to Athlete’s Foot before but here’s a better simile. There’s a phrase, go a-Viking, meaning to go out raiding. Its origins are Norse and it was primarily used to describe the pastime of… Read More