We rurally-raised elders remember when people went ‘visiting.’ It went kind of like this at our place: Dad might say “Let’s go over to Knute’s and get some coffee.” Or Mom wondered if she could get that recipe for molasses cake from Helen. Or Robert or I wanted to go play somewhere besides our own fields and woods and hay loft and back bedrooms. So I get way too country-girl-sentimental when I… Read More

If I am in the middle of a passage from one age to the next, the question is how to pass through it gracefully. And what’s on the other side. I have created my own age categories and this year I traveled from young-old (65-75) to middle-old (75-85) with old-old (85-death) far far in the future. If one has many years to work, many countries to travel, many blogs to occupy (and… Read More