I must start my post by acknowledging the effect of watching John Lewis’ funeral. I won’t say very much, some of the world’s best people have spoken and written appropriately fine things about the man and what he represents. I just want to say that the two and one-half hours I spent with John Lewis’ family, friends, colleagues and admirers at Ebenezer Baptist Church this morning gave me hope—something harder and harder for me to come by lately. It’s not the virus…that will pass. It’s the hatred and cruelty and stupidity that rule so much of government, of business, of entertainment these days…conditions that show no signs of ever passing. They’re what make me lose hope. But there they were this morning…important people from the civil rights movement and from government. Decent people. Powerful people. Determined people. Smart people. It was so restorative to see and listen. A good day.

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  1. I did not get to see the service, perhaps I will one day, just a few minutes of it. President Obama was inspiring…so refreshing to hear some one with a command of the English language. Well, not just refreshing…hopeful. Let us all make some good trouble

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