2019…The Very Good Year

January 2, 2019

Planners/Thinkers/Writers/Doers Block. Not a particularly propitious way to begin a new year. Especially since I’m taking time off this week to enthusiastically launch all of the above. New Year’s Day was special admittedly—a near-blizzard snow day in Albuquerque warrants continuing my Un village français binge...but how to leave a story with only four episodes to go…impossible. I’ve lived in this WWII-era, Nazi-occupied French village off and on for the entire holiday season and it is surely time to return to Trump-occupied America and contemplate lessons learned from the French Resistance. Right after I finish these last four episodes.

The first 2019 ultimatum. If, Marjorie, you do not become productive as a planner-thinker-writer-doer by evening you must cut this vaca-time off and go to work tomorrow morning. How’s that for a threat?

New Year’s is every introverted list-maker’s favorite holiday. A whole evening and day that can legitimately be devoted to the solitary pastime of planning exactly how one will become a better person in a brand-new year.

Here are my several longish lists condensed into a longish sentence: I will spend 2019, a landmark year of the two-edged variety, not being anxious or melancholy but rather I will write, read, travel, photograph, and exercise a lot—and always eat healthfully—and never indulge my obsession for multiple-season TV series of the historical or murder-mystery genre.

Here’s to 2019—a very good year.

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