Return to MINNESOTA’S Old Place (although in ALBUQUERQUE)


The small northern Minnesota farm on which I grew up has passed from Swan and Ovidia Neset to me to my sons. It is a very special place. Hope Scott and Steve and my grandchildren will come to know the pleasure of its green solitude and will keep it in the family for awhile.

The photo album that follows is long and rambling, much like the day I spent out at ‘the old place’ in June. I posted a lot of Minnesota photos when I was up there last month but today’s series represents my walk up through the fields and woods to the end of the land—a view of the property for my sons. Enjoy if you like summer woods.

2 Comments on “Return to MINNESOTA’S Old Place (although in ALBUQUERQUE)

  1. Yes, Red Wing Blackbird. I enjoyed this visit home. I would so like to walk the family farm again. I remember walking the entire property lines with my Father. He so wanted me to love it as much as he did…no, that Did not happen. Sold for $ for the nursing home. Sad. Some things are better not thought about.

  2. These nature backwoods nature are so beautiful. I can smell the plants, oxygen and dirt fields. Wish I was there too. I remember some of my own walks when I was young on Ohio farmland.

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