The ALBUQUERQUE Weather Wench Reporting



Snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot…well a lot for Albuquerque. Perhaps one/one-zillionth of an inch. I came to work very early to respond to phone calls asking if we are open today! A sense of confusion uncertainty wonderment anxiety overwhelms the city when the ground isn’t its normal dusty brown. Yes. We. Are. Open. I say to the callers.

Which reminds me of what I want to say. I like weather. Checking in with the national and local weather when I got up I was thinking about how I should have been a weatherperson. Not a silly reader in short skirt and high heels giggling through the sunny morning chat but a proper weather analyst or weather journalist. Possibly that would have satisfied my long-time thoughts of being a geographer as well as those other things I wanted to be— historian intellectual scholar writer thinker traveler—rich and beautiful.

But what I really want to think about are the clothes I will need for my summer trip. Summer trip you say…that should be easy. But coming from an Albuquerque summer and going to summer that starts just below the Arctic Circle and ends for me, in September, in Beijing and Seoul at roughly the same latitude as Denver requires some thought. Maybe a trip to REI after work to see if winter stuff is on sale is a good idea.


One Comment on “The ALBUQUERQUE Weather Wench Reporting

  1. I am “over” winter and snow. Last year we had about 24 inches total and this year only about 6 inches, but very very cold and windy Winter. I like you snow better. You have a few inches and by the afternoon it is gone. It will soon be March and for you that means sandstorms…here the wind blows, but at least it is warmer and lots of rain.


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