The Scenic Route from NESET CAMPING to STAVANGER

It’s true there is an earlier post with photos of this same route on this same day. It would make sense to delete this one I suppose but I few photos may be different and it is extraordinarily beautiful. So I guess it’s a keeper-post. Hope you’ll enjoy it a second time.

Surely there’s no greater possibilities for a scenic road trip than in Norway…so Teresa and I took one…and I so kindly allowed her to drive all of the way. So it was a bit of a cop-out on my part but I convinced myself it was only to better her skills at mountain driving! Not sure she really believed it was my generous spirit instead of my laziness but she went the whole, sometimes scary, way with great good humor and excellent driving.

Our route was to head north up and beyond the Setesdal Valley to the cut-off that goes to the magnificent fiord, Lysebotn, stop for fish soup, and then drive on into Stavanger. It took much of the day and was literally a breathtakingly beautiful drive.

So here’s the beginning. Heading north. Forgive the photo duplication in some cases.

After tuning west the landscape changes over the mountain range. AND we reach my favorite part of this drive–the land of the cairns.

Lysebotn Fiord…the road up and down taxed Teresa’s driving skills to the limit but she passed with flying colors…I am here, alive and well, writing this to prove my point.

On into Stavanger…a rainy afternoon.

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