Timbuktu might be the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. It was one of the five 2015 foreign film nominees, the only African film, and the only film in which, it turns out, I actually know one of the actors— Kettly Noël, the brave funny mad woman. I know Kettly from the contemporary dance-theater world where she is also a star. She directs dance festivals and programs in Bamako, creates and… Read More

Timbuktu is unqualifiedly a brilliant film—and soon I will post a review of it; mostly I will quote other smartly written reviews and just add personal notes of what it meant to me. Before publishing the review, I want to share two or three small photo albums from my 2010 trip to Mali. This is partly to give me a little more writing time, but also to help me narrow down which photo… Read More