MALI and Timbuktu, the Film



Timbuktu is unqualifiedly a brilliant film—and soon I will post a review of it; mostly I will quote other smartly written reviews and just add personal notes of what it meant to me.

Before publishing the review, I want to share two or three small photo albums from my 2010 trip to Mali.

This is partly to give me a little more writing time, but also to help me narrow down which photo I will eventually frame to remember that trip. These first few aren’t in contention for framed photo—rather I am so deep into travel planning mode these day that I’m thinking maybe some photos reminding me of the more mundane aspects of travel might calm me down.


IT RAINS AND IT SHINES AT THE SAME TIME… My dad always said “IT RAINS AND IT SHANES AT THE SAME TAME.” to describe this weather. And I always think of it.

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  1. Bom Dia (portuguese for bonjour !) Marj and pleased to read that you aware of the French/Malian flm “Timbuktu” of which I heard a great deal of great comments but that I have yet to see…
    Have just rturned back from Phoenix where I accompanied Lisboa based 11-dancer CPBC/Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporaneo ( which is touring the USA with a work featuring fado guitar music sung by the late Amalia Rodrigues and Carla Pires, two well known and respected artists from Portugal! Two additional performances are scheduled this week at The Kennedy Center which should be equally successful judging from the immediate and full standing ovation received last week-end in Scottsdale from the well attended audience! It is wonderful to know about the power of music when so authentic and reflective as “fado” of a culture shaped by the sea, ever traveling sailors and the families they had left behind for several weeks, lost love, longing, etc….Muito obrigado Portugal, should I say…I know Mali has the same kind of rich music culture, all of this reminding me of Prince Diabate and his kora, WOFA! from Guinea/Conakry and all the great vibrant sounds from our trips to Africa! Safe music travels….

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