I love LA; I know I’m not supposed to…but it is our dream-world isn’t it? Where movies come from and who doesn’t love movies? Keep going past Watts and you get to downtown, the downtown of office workers and banks and museums and those endless food trucks—my goal for next visit maybe. We eat: We do art: I am sad to say I can’t remember visiting MOCA before. But I will again…. Read More

About that California State of Mind—its counterpoint could be call melancholy perhaps. I visit it in California also. Now and then, when there’s a lot of “future” in a place or a day or even a conversation, I’m reminded that I do not have that luxury—that “time ahead.” Oh of course there’s some—and I’m eagerly planning it—but…well…there is an obvious sell-by date attached to any and all dreams of 78-year-olds! Yesterday, young… Read More