I love LA; I know I’m not supposed to…but it is our dream-world isn’t it? Where movies come from and who doesn’t love movies? Keep going past Watts and you get to downtown, the downtown of office workers and banks and museums.

We eat:

We do art:

I am sad to say I can’t remember visiting MOCA before. But I will again. The featured exhibit was a 35-year retrospective of Kerry James Marshall’s vivid paintings: Here’s what the web site says:  A deeply accomplished artist, who makes ravishing paintings… as a young artist he decided to paint only black figures. He was unequivocal in his pursuit of black beauty. His figures are an unapologetic ebony black, and they occupy the paintings with a sense of authority and belonging. … Marshall worked to make a wide variety of images populated with black people. This led him to make exquisite portraits, lush landscape paintings, everyday domestic interiors, and paintings that depict historical events, all featuring black subjects as if their activities were completely and utterly normal. A beautiful mesmerizing show.

Now for the equally fascinating and definitely disturbing.

The End.


  1. Good downtown urban images Marge. My SF Valley area of LA consists of heavy auto and truck traffic, cracked and worn street pavement, cramped high-density tattered apartment complexes lining most main streets, dull vintage and new housing communities with swimming pools, shopping centers and hundreds of ratty stores and strip malls, proliferation of religious and medical establishments and auto dealers, ordinary franchise food & poor area pocket restaurants, high excessive crime and auto accidents, landscaping maintenance trucks everywhere, many pedestrians, lots of handicapped people, many languages spoken… our near local inhabitants are fairly conservative. Wanna’ move here? lol.

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