I’m lonely often these days. Not really a deeply depressive or even particularly sad loneliness. Just that feeling of wishing to see a person or place that’s not here… or go to time that’s not now. Sometimes wishing intensifies into longing…sometimes it’s just okay to think fondly of the missing piece. For today I’m thinking Minnesota. Last summer. Home. Water. Rivers. Lakes. It’s still cold up there, been snowing this week…. My… Read More

Norway and the trans-Siberian Express were the anchors of this journey. Everything else was and is an add-on; exciting add-ons it’s true but still not the anchor babies of this adventure. Norway now seems long past and Siberia still a couple of days away and I’ve seen all of the gold I can handle—although more palaces and squares are in my Moscow future. So why am I writing this morning? Maybe I’m… Read More