I’m lonely often these days. Not really a deeply depressive or even particularly sad loneliness. Just that feeling of wishing to see a person or place that’s not here… or go to time that’s not now. Sometimes wishing intensifies into longing…sometimes it’s just okay to think fondly of the missing piece. For today I’m thinking Minnesota. Last summer. Home. Water. Rivers. Lakes. It’s still cold up there, been snowing this week…. My brother sent a pic on Monday…with a little snowdrift left in the background.


What I miss most right now about way up north is how it smells in the spring when the snow melts and the ground thaws and sprigs of life emerge from the newly defrosted earth and the tree branches are taking on a hazy hint of green. You can smell earth and the decomposing leaves of last fall and fresh plant life poking up in odd corners all over the place.

And Minnesotans start wearing shorts with their parkas and boots and lifting their faces to the sun… and for just a few days they don’t complain that it’s either too hot or too cold.


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  1. Yes, there is that special smell of Spring…here in Delaware it might be the manure the Amish put on their land, or something a little more pleasant. A sure sign of spring are the seagulls following the tractors as they plant. But there is nothing quite like the smell of spring..thanks for the reminder

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