Norway and the trans-Siberian Express were the anchors of this journey. Everything else was and is an add-on; exciting add-ons it’s true but still not the anchor babies of this adventure.

Norway now seems long past and Siberia still a couple of days away and I’ve seen all of the gold I can handle—although more palaces and squares are in my Moscow future.

So why am I writing this morning? Maybe I’m a little lonely? Couldn’t get a late check-out so my bags will stay here while I go explore the Hermitage and take a walk along the Nevskiy Prospekt and the Neva River, sites of countless spy novels and serious Revolutionary history. Then I’ll return to hang out in the lobby and write for awhile before a taxi to the train station and ‘midnight to Moscow.’ I’ll be more excited about such an interesting day in just a moment.

Keeping my act together in terms of not losing important stuff and feeling healthy has been completely successful so far. Although—even though my stomach is ‘fixed’ I don’t seem to be in the habit of eating anymore. Which is good in a way because I force myself to eat the things I really like, like borscht and mushroom ice cream, and to have a shot of vodka every other day or so, and I never resort to junk food. Besides I’m not sure they have Cheetos here which makes the latter much easier. This morning I had muesli and Dannon yogurt for breakfast…it’s a little embarrassing actually. So, I should complain…because my stomach feels good! Beth, isn’t this when I say ‘oy vey’ in exasperation with myself?

NOW it’s almost 6pm and I’m crashed out in a corner of the lobby bar recuperating from five plus hours walking the museum and the streets of this lovely city.

More about that later. Just want to post this with a leftover photo or two from yesterday before downloading a few very interesting shots from today.


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  1. Midnight train to Moscow….there is certainly a novel in there someplace. I am excited for you and me as well, because I get to live this trip without spending any time or money…what a deal! I eagerly await my Christmas present. Always wanted one of those Russian dolls…just like Russia…a country in a country in a county in a country, etc. Complicated…like America. Travel on!

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