Here it is—the itinerary for Steven, the graduate grandson, and me. I think I already posted this but it’s so much fun to write it all I’m going to do it again, naming the airlines this time. LA to Dubai on Emirates; Dubai to Addis Ababa on Emirates; Addis Ababa to Kigali on Ethiopian Airlines; Kigali to Johannesburg on South African Airways; Johannesburg to Maun on Air Botswana; Maun to Cape Town on Air Botswana; Cape Town to Johannesburg on South African Airways; Johannesburg to Muscat on Emirates; Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on Gulf Air; Mumbai to Doha on Gulf Air; Doha to Manama on British Airways; Manama to Kuwait City on Kuwait Airways and finally home to LA on Emirates again.

All, except for the Maun legs, purchased through my friendly ticket seller, Expedia.com. I am not exactly promoting Expedia—well maybe just a little. I’m used to their website which, of all the alternatives, seems the most user-friendly, and for this complicated of an itinerary it’s nice to have one place to easily check on everything. Their fare listings are pretty standard and, most importantly, when I’ve had an issue with a flight or a hotel they have responded helpfully.

I wish I could have bummed around the world on tramp steamers, graceful dhows, camel caravans or Mongolian ponies. Alas that time has passed—and my time to spend hours on a camel has flown as well. Exotic-sounding airlines, buses, taxis and a four-wheel drive are as adventurous as it will get although there will be lots and lots of walking. In the Okavango Delta game park, up and down Long Street in Cape Town, around Melville in Jo’burg, the back alleys of Mumbai and of course the miles of malls in the Gulf states.

I am so excited. Just have to lose five pounds, go to the gym a lot and pack and repack enough times so that one small suitcase and one small backpack will hold everything for 35 days, half in dead summer heat and half in early spring coolness.

Calm down Marjorie. T-day is 83 days away.

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  1. I must say that I am completely in awe of this itinerary, you really have earned the title of world traveler. I am excited just reading it. You are so fortunate to get to do this…and spend time with your family. My itinerary is: Wilmington, DC, Chicago, Albuquerque, AMTRAK. But, I bet I am almost as excited as you. I had the travel bug when I was very young, and I need to find it again.

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