Let’s be LONDON Street Walkers We Said…

13.5k today. Thought this would be the easy city part. Just doesn’t seem the same when it’s not up and down rocky hills with Celia along and icebergs in the distance though. So, random pics from the day. I miss Greenland and Norwegian family and Neset and waffles and strawberries but hanging out in London does beat work.

2 Comments on “Let’s be LONDON Street Walkers We Said…

  1. I want to go back….I want to go back….. Schuyler, Roy, and I had such a great time in London, in the old days. It is on my bucket list. Well, it is actually not a written down list, still in my head. However, at my age, it might fall out of my head and I will forget I want to go back. Please remind me with these great photos.


  2. Marj, I have really enjoyed your writing and your pictures. What a wonderful trip you have had. We miss you at the gym! We hope to see ask the pizza one of these days!


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