CALIFORNIA: A Fence and Bugs for Lunch


Last day of my perfect San Diego holiday. You know how sometimes everything just works. The family, the place, the walks, the food. Also hadn’t realized how much I needed to be away from the ‘upstairs neighbors.’ A few nights of not angrily-falling-asleep and I feel like a new person.

Hanging out with one-third of my spectacular family (photos of them and a few last happy California thoughts tomorrow when I’m back in my 13th Street cave—which is what it’s now feeling like to me) and Walking Every Day. What an upper daily walks of even just a few miles are…how to keep that up?

Today Scott and I spent the morning at Border Field State Park which would be a beautiful if it weren’t for the damn fence—representing a whole lot of what’s wrong with the world. But that’s another story.

Grasshoppers, lamb and corn fungus for lunch at an authentic little Mexican (NOT New Mexican) restaurant (Aqui es Texcoco) down in Chula Vista. I so seldom get to have grasshoppers for lunch—such a treat—I say with tongue-in-cheek. They’re actually quite delicious if you just don’t look.

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