Terri and Brian’s land is probably about 2/3 open field and 1/3 fairly dense woods. Brian is with Polaris so he gets a new vehicle  or two to drive and evaluate every year. This year it’s a large ATV Ranger, first time I’ve ever seen one of those noisy toys I liked! Terri took us for a ride in their woods and I wanted one…to go the three blocks to the grocery… Read More

The small northern Minnesota farm on which I grew up has passed from Swan and Ovidia Neset to me to my sons. It is a very special place. Hope Scott and Steve and my grandchildren will come to know the pleasure of its green solitude and will keep it in the family for awhile. The photo album that follows is long and rambling, much like the day I spent out at ‘the… Read More

      Morning walk in the almost-rain.